Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We bought a new home!!!

We think,
the paper work is signed the contract is done so if everything else goes as planned then this home will be ours in 30 days. I'm so excited!!!!

Brett and i have had the worst luck at this home buying stuff. Everyone kept telling us that it's a buyers market but every house we put an offer in was out bid or something else went wrong. So i was ready to give up until i revisited this home (it was a home we looked at even before we were actually looking to buy) and with the market being a buyers market, it was finally in our price range. So we signed and dated on about a 100 lines yesterday and hope that all financing and such goes smoothly.
We really feel that this one is the one, even if we have said that a few times now. This just feels right and with how it's worked out it has to be.

More pics to come in about 30 days'ish!!!!
I pulled these off the web site so they kinda suck, i'll try yo remember to take pics when i go back next!
The kitchen

The pool site


marisajbaines said...

i LOVE it! i love the staircase too.
oh, i hope that house is yours in 30 days!!!!!

Christie said...

Awesome!!! How fun, love it!!!

whitney said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see more pictures, especially when you get it all decorated cute.

Just Rhonda said...

WOW. Can I come and visit when you move in?

McCandless Co. said...

Congrats you guys! That is so exciting, and it is such a nice, HUGE home. How fun, hope everything goes as planned.

jes said...

it's beautiful! congrats!! where is it at???

chantel said...

so... I may or may not have stolen your blog back ground... so cute

Krista said...

Love it!! Good luck with everything. We still need to get the kids together. Dylan still talks about Peyton. :)

Jacklyn said...

Yaaay congrats! That is so fun