Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh Dear...

is what this little girl said on the phone today.

So i was talking to my sister today and i can hear her little girl Cassie playing and talking in the back ground when all the sudden she dropped something and says "Oh Dear," i thought it was the cutest thing EVER! I couldn't stop laughing at this 20 months old phrase, she sounded like a little old lady! I love it.
This little girl is growing up so fast and talking so well i can't believe how much she changes every time we see her.
We miss you Cassie GIRL....


like CRAZY!

We are super bored with out them and are trying to wait very patiently until AUG.15 when they arrive back to ARIZONA.

We hope they are having FUN in Richmond and are seeing lots of cool stuff.

Peyton asks for Cayce all the time and doesn't quite understand how far Virginia is.

The only good thing about Shari being across the Country from me is that i don't have a shopping buddy, therefore i'm SAVING alot of money!!!!

Shari and Cayce at the zoo

Playing at the spray park at the zoo

This isn't a very good picture but it's the only one i had of ALL of us!!!

I love these 2 kids, they are so funny together.

And these 2 have so much FUN together and can't see to get enough of each other.

We love you Cayce, Sienna and Shari!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Our little Brody is FINALLY in Nursery. It has been a long 18 months in the church department, i don't even know how we made it through some Sundays. He has been wanting to go for the past couple of months and would even kick, scream and cry when we would walk by the door. So you don't even have to ask if he LOVES it because to him there is no better place on earth.

Brody gets to enjoy nursery with his big brother PEYTON! (Lucky nursery leaders...!)

Peyton was pretty excited to have his little brother with him on Sunday.

I'm just worried they might gang up on other kids, or turn on each other. Brody is getting really good at defending himself, Peyton even knows when to stay out of his way.

First day of Nursery!

Brody is so independent he hates when Peyton even puts his arm around him during pics.

My 2 boys are growing up....

Friday, May 23, 2008


I found this DARLING blog from a friends site and you NEED to check it out. She is giving away the cutest quilt EVER! I hope i win it or someone i know does. You have to tell her that i sent you though... and pass it along too. Try this site: and scroll down until you see quilt give away

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visitors came to town.....

We had Grandpa Sefcik, Aunty Becky, Cassie and Uncle Rob come visit us a couple weeks ago. We had a BLAST, we went swimming at the beach pool, went on morning runs, did some shopping and went to target more than normal people do.

The kids loved having Cassie here, especially Brody! He found someone smaller then him to pick on, but with Cassie all he had to do was look at her or get within a foot of her to make her cry, scream or run away. He found this quite amusing, and so did the rest of us. By the end he was growing quite fond of her and want to just be around her to give her hugs and kisses but because she's a girl sometimes she liked it and sometimes she didn't.

Peyton wanted to hangout with uncle Rob the entire time. If Rob left the room he had a little shadow right behind him. Peyton still asks, almost on a daily basis when we are going to Canada to see Rob. It's so funny.

So now we are all tired and i'm getting anxious to get out of this small house so we can have visitors come more often. We love seeing everyone and my kids think it's the coolest thing to have people sleepover.

Me and my dad

Yes we are in the hot tub in 95 degrees

Cassie was the funniest little fish i had ever seen, she wanted my sister to let her go so she could swim by herself. She loves the water!!!!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of this little girl, she was so cute and funny to be around. We miss you Cassie.

Sorry girls he's taken.....


Getting ready for a run

Brody was all about my neighbor kid's rip stick. He was trying to get on it and everything.

The kiddo's

Feeding the ducks...

Saturday, May 3, 2008


That's right folks i am now in my LATE twenties...26!
Even though it feels like i JUST graduated high school and JUST finished dental assisting and JUST got married and JUST had a few kids. I can't believe i am now closer to 30 then i am to 20.
But I've got to say "IT FEELS GOOD!"

Maybe because I'm happy and content with my life or maybe because this is just what happens when you get older. Even so, as my life goes on i'm feeling more comfortable in it, i love to wake up to see Brett and the boys. They make me smile.

I love this point in my life, i love that we are done school, i love living in Arizona, i love having a ton of visitors, i love the church here, i love that Brett has a great job, i love LIFE!
I really have NO complaints about my life.
And turning 26 has made it that much SWEETER!

Our little family...

I love this guy...

And this one...

And this one...

My dad, sister , brother Rob and niece came for visit
and we got to go celebrate my birthday together.

Peyton enjoyed dipping into the ice cream cake before everyone else
and this is what it look liked before we cut it.

Grandma came to town....

We love when Grandma comes, we play hard and spend a lot of money. I took my mom to the outlets like always and i think we went to Target 3 times in a week. But who doesn't love Target i could go everyday.
She pulled all my weeds in the back yard, with a little help from Peyton. They did a great job and i love that it's not a jungle anymore. So here are a few pics from when my mom came to visit the other week.
Thanks mom, We love you!!!!

My cute mom, and she's single!!!!!

We went to the beach pool

Weed pulling, i mostly watched or did something inside.

I love this picture of Peyton

Peyton took this for us..good job buddy!