Friday, June 27, 2008

Singing in the RAIN...

The other night i asked Brett to give the kids a bath and right after i did it started raining, the next thing i saw was 2 little boys playing out in the rain. It was the highlight of their day. But they sure didn't come in any cleaner!!!

Brody liked standing under the drip spot

XP 2008

The company Brett works for (PDS) flew us out to San Diego to enjoy a weekend with fellow PDS'ers. It was a great time away from kids, life and everyday routine. We met some really AWESOME friends and ate LOTS of food and ditched out on the dance. Because really if your not drinking then you just make a fool out of yourself (sorry Mike i know you really wanted to stay and rip it up). Oh ya and the girls went to the mall while the guys enjoyed their dental lectures.
"The Manning's"

The,Chantel, and Kortney we all had the same idea for what to wear!

Brett, Greg and Mike

More of the girls

Brett wearing his suite in who knows how long.

The Karren's...thanks Ellie for letting me borrow your cute dress!

The Skidmore's

I wish we could go to the real beach everyday...but no California living for us!

Oh yes we at the pub TOP GUN was filmed at. We ate there at 11pm and i felt sooo gross the next day, i don't recommend it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are we getting OLD?

So last night Brett and i got a babysitter so i could take Brett clothes shopping. My first mistake was taking Brett to the mall my second mistake was taking him into Abercrombie. The moment we walked in he wanted to turn around because they spray SO MUCH perfume, it almost gave us a headache. So we looked around a little and found some nice dress shirts he could wear out or to work...really just to look nice in. I also picked out some polos for him to try on. We get to the dressing room and he tries on the first polo and immediately takes it off and starts to resist trying anything else on. Brett says to me " who do they make these for? they are so tight in the arms." Well he proceeds to try on the dress shirts which looked super nice BUT the sleeves were so LONG. He starts getting frustrated so i help him roll them so they look cool. Well we start to wonder if they really look cool, why do they make them so long?

I ask one of the guys there how they roll the sleeves and he says" i don't know how it goes i just fold it up once." Thanks buddy that doesn't help me.

Well Brett did pick out a dress shirt and we're going to play with the sleeves a little to see what works. Brett actually tried calling his brother Jordan to see what was up with the shirts. But he didn't answer. Because you see Jordan works for Abercrombie and knows how to wear the clothes and he was the reason we were there last night, i got him to get me a gift card so i could buy Brett some cool clothes. Well it kinda back fired.

As we were walking out Brett says to me " I've got it, Abercrombie is my Asian store the clothes can only fit 8 year olds."

Well they did fit small. It was very entertaining shopping with Brett he pointed out that all the posters in the guy sections had half naked men on them (i guess he couldn't see they were modeling the clothes he should have bought or he must not like looking at half naked men???) and he couldn't tell the difference between the girl section and the boy section. So at that point he felt he had to get out of there. And off to that store with all the massage chairs and electronic stuff he went.

Needless to say i won't be going back to the mall with Brett anytime soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

#1 DAD...

OK so i guess there are 2 #1 dads, My dad and Brett!

Peyton was so excited to give Brett his Fathers Day gift, that he helped me wrap, that he offered it to Brett on Wednesday. But of course Brett declined and we put it up really high so Peyton couldn't reach it (even with a chair). When Brett woke up Sunday morning Peyton ran and gave him a hug and said "happy fathers day" and then ran to me and said the same thing with a BIG hug. It was so funny to see him get so into it. He does the same thing when it's a birthday or any other special event.

So being the BAD wife that i am i didn't take any pics yesterday because my camera battery dies and do i ever charge it... NO! So here are a few favs.

Brett with Peyton at 8 months old

Brett with Peyton

Brett and Brody (1 day old)

Dad reading to the kids

Dad with Peyton when he came out to visit us in Windsor

Peyton again

OK here's Brody

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We took the kids to Sedona for a weekend, and had sooo much fun. We discovered that our kids are little hikers, Peyton hiked for the entire 2 hrs. and Brody was close behind. It was the best activity to tire these boys out!

Sedona is a beautiful place to see we loved just walking around and enjoying the outside. It felt a lot like we were back in Canada, and maybe that's why we enjoyed it so much.

Peyton fell asleep on the way to Sedona so Brody decided to torture him

Seriously isn't this kid so cute???

Playing in the water every chance they got!

Brody enjoying his free ride.

Our 2 little hikers.

Peyton carrying the essentials with him.....trains!

Family pic

My boys

Enjoying some pizza after a long day of playing....