Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kami's Baby Blessing

Kami's display

The Dress.
Brett and the boys thought it was too long but this one is shorter than the first one i picked out.

Kami Britton
All ready to go for church
Dress- check
Bracelet- check
Headband - check

The boys got new suits and they looked so handsome in them!

Kami and Caleb were born on the same day

Avery and Brighton loved holding Kami, they were so good with her.

Brett made potato soup for the lunch after the blessing. He wore the kids swim goggles to cut the!

9LBS. 15oz. 22 1/4 inches
Brody LOVES his little sister
She's getting so BIG

She is smiling and cooing alot these days,
we love talking to her a watching her responded