Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby Kami...

In all her 28 weeks and 5 days!

This little girl is finally growing!
After having a little scare with her measuring small and having a marker for down syndrome she is in the clear. All the tests have come back Negative for Downs and any other tests they could think of to run on me. And she is only measuring a few days behind instead of a few weeks, which you can tell by the size of my belly these days. I'm so grateful to be carrying a healthy baby and can't wait to meet her. I hope she's ready for her crazy brothers to love on her and teach her lots of bad things!!!

Her little legs...
you can't tell in this picture but they are all nestled up on the right side of my ribs. They have been there for 2 weeks and yes i'm dying, i hope she decides to move soon.

28 weeks
I feel like i've grown so much in the past few weeks and this picture just proves it. (don't mind the stupid face i'm making, i didn't know if i should smile or not)

The crazies...

These 2 could wrestle all day long, I'm so glad they get along 95% of the time. It's made this pregnancy a little easier.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This summer has gone by so fast and without any documentation at our house. It doesn't help that i lost my battery charger for my camera and had 2 dead batteries until i found it under our bed this week.

We have been trying to keep cool in the 110+ weather we have been having. For July 4th we rented a bounce/water house slide. It was a blast the kids played on it for 5 hours straight and then again the next day. So worth it.

We also play out in the sprinkler to keep cool, hopefully next year we will have a pool.

And my mom has been here this month helping me with "BABY PROJECTS"! I'm so glad she came and took charge cause they still wouldn't have been done.

This is one of my favorites so far, "The vintage baby quilt"

Oh and i painted and distressed this old antique dresser for the babes room. I love it.

And we made the bedding too. And when when i say "WE" i mean i picked it all out and told my mom what i wanted....and VOILA! I did help...a little.
The ruffled crib skirt,
i got the idea from here. But wasn't willing to pay the price.

The cute sign my mom made for the wall
We still have some added touches to make to the room but that will come.