Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cooling off....

I know all you Canadians are going through yet another blizzard up there and i can't even imagine how cold it may be. I totally forget what snow plus wind plus -20 feels like. So if you need to come warm up, fly on down to our 90 degree weather. We are enjoying the pool, park and walks everyday. I can't keep my kids out of the kiddie pool we have in the backyard, everyday they strip down and jump in.
Did i ever mention how much i LOVE ARIZONA????

I'm not sure what Brody is doing???

Peyton and Brody call these "water sprays" i have never bought them guns before so they made up their own name. I think they know what guns are, but just to protect them a little longer i'm not going to tell them.... "water sprays" works for me.

He thinks he can pee outside whenever we are playing outside..

warming up...

Friday, March 27, 2009

25 random things about me...

I saw this on a couple peoples blogs and on facebook so here it goes...

1. I love candy, chocolate and anything sweet!!!

2. My favorite holiday is Christmas and Easter (because of all the yummy candy)

3. I love being a mom

4. I enjoy running and may do a 24 hr. relay in May with some girlfriends.

5. I dye my hair from a box, actually it takes 2 and it costs me $10 or less.

6. I really want to have a baby girl one day, like next time i get pregnant.

7. I love change, i get bored staying in one spot too long. And usually when this happens we move or i take a trip!

8. I didn't pick out my boys names, Brett chose both of them.

9. I love getting up early, like 6am early.

10. I would go to bed at 7pm every night if i didn't have kids. I know i'm the youngest Grandma ever.

11. I hate loud noise, yes i'm a true Grandma.

12. I love birthday parties.

13. I was married when i was 19, 2 days before i turned 20.

14. I wish i was brave enough to cut my hair in an a-line bob, like Victoria Beckham or Jenny McCarthy.

15. I want to go to Hawaii, i've never been.

16. I will NEVER buy a pet. I really don't like dogs or cats.

17. I still email and chat with my girlfriends from high school.

18. I will never move out of AZ willingly.

19. I wish we had more money or no school loan to pay off.....

20. I love to go out for lunch.

21. I love to bake. I'm always trying new recipes.

22. I hate to cook, dinner time is the hardest at my house.

23. I have been married for 7 years this April.

24. I have the best husband ever. He makes me laugh daily, even if he leaves his socks all over the house!

25. I am a very picky eater, although i feel like i'm branching out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We bought a new home!!!

We think,
the paper work is signed the contract is done so if everything else goes as planned then this home will be ours in 30 days. I'm so excited!!!!

Brett and i have had the worst luck at this home buying stuff. Everyone kept telling us that it's a buyers market but every house we put an offer in was out bid or something else went wrong. So i was ready to give up until i revisited this home (it was a home we looked at even before we were actually looking to buy) and with the market being a buyers market, it was finally in our price range. So we signed and dated on about a 100 lines yesterday and hope that all financing and such goes smoothly.
We really feel that this one is the one, even if we have said that a few times now. This just feels right and with how it's worked out it has to be.

More pics to come in about 30 days'ish!!!!
I pulled these off the web site so they kinda suck, i'll try yo remember to take pics when i go back next!
The kitchen

The pool site

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer already???

Yes folks you read that right, summer is here and we are loving it! Now when May comes and it's 120 degrees out we will be hiding inside until Fall. But for now we are enjoying the outdoors and trying to get everything in before it's too hot. Yesterday was 90 degrees and this was my conversation with my 2 yr. old

Brody: Mom i want to bring my stroller inside it's too sunny...
Mom: Brody that is an outside stroller and it's nice out, so go play...(yes he has a doll stroller)
Brody: No
Which he decided to leave the stroller outside so he could come in. Oh my children obviously can't remember how HOT it gets!

We took the kids hiking the other day with Dustin, Nicole and their crew. We had a blast and the older kids loved running up the mountain together, leaving their parents in their dust.

My little hikers all ready to go...

Peyton thinks he is a professional hiker
and he must clearly be with his binoculars and hiking stick.
I love this pic

Brighton and Brody taking a break.

Break time for all

Dakota is such a good older cousin and waited for Peyton and Avery to catch up with him.

These 3 hiked together the entire time

The stragglers

Dustin pushing the much needed stroller!!!

Brody following the big kids...

Yeah he made it, with a little help from mom.
The stroller being carried?? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

We made it to the top and that's all that matters!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


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Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe...

Your still young don't worry. We hope your day is super special, we love you.

Thank you for all you do for your little family.

We celebrated Brett's birthday a few days early and he requested i make lasagna. OK so i have never made it before, yes i'm a bad wife. So i found a recipe that had half Italian sausage and half ground beef (Brett's other request) and it was soooo good. I thought i didn't really like lasagna (the real reason i never tried making it) and i think i'll be making it more often. His dessert request was a pecan pie cheesecake, he came up with this idea as we were walking the other night. So i told him to find me some kind of recipe, well he found it alright. And i'm so glad he did, it was amazing. I'll post the recipe soon along with the brownie carmal cheesecake i made.

The only pic i got of the cheesecakes, i'm so mad. I guess i'll have to make them again!!!

To continue on, i want to write a few things i love about Brett.

1. I love that he is so patient with me and the kids
2.He never complains about anything, NEVER! I do enough for the both of us.
3. He is a hard worker.
4. He ALWAYS recognizes the blessings we recieve instead of the hardship.
5. He loves his family and loves hanging out with them. Especially on the golf course with his brothers!
6. He is smart, whitty and has a sense of humour.
7. He loves to save money.
8. He is a great dad.
9. He is easy going.
10. He is always happy and is fun to be around.

Thank for being the person you are Brett, i love you!

He lets the kids help him with the outdoor stuff!

He always has great ideas for dates, thanks for taking me hiking!

Brett you have a family that LOVES you and i hope you know that by our actions everyday. Keep being the awesome dad and husband that you are.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm having one of those days, you know the kind when you can't control your children and you think yo might scream. Well i haven't screamed (yet) but i might soon. They are just being so naughty and i don't know what is with them. So they are sitting in their rooms until i can clean up all the water that is on my kitchen floor and maybe until Brett gets home, i haven't decided.
This is what happened, i bought them smoothies after our trip to the store (which was crazy) and they were drinking them at the table while i was getting something for Peyton. Well on the table were 2 sippy cups full of water and they decided to smash them into the floor until the lids popped off (are they retarded). And out came the water. So i was taking them upstairs and i carried Brody up while Peyton slowly walked behind. And little Brody yells out when we reach the top " haha Peyton i'm higher than you." Doesn't this kid even care he has to sit in his room? AAAHHHGGGG! Well i better go clean up water, at least it's not the smoothie!

Tumble Weed Park

This is the best park ever. We love coming down here and playing for hours. There is no sand or rocks it's all mulch so i never hear about stuff getting inside my kids shoes. There is this cute bike path that looks like a road (with speed signs and all) so i usually bring Peyton's bike and some scooters. The kids never want to leave.

Peyton and Madi testing out the motorbike and side car.

Brody thought he was hiding!

Yes it even has a school bus

And a jet ski

This is for my sisters baby that is due in May. I can't wait for her to come.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Karren & Peyton (again)

G&G Karren came to visit along with the Tsui family.
So we were able to celebrate Grandpa Karren's birthday and Peytons again with more cousins. We went to Joes BBQ and let the kids run around outside and then headed back to our house to eat CAKE!!!!
It was fun to get to hang out with everyone, and a good excuse to eat way too much.

Blowing out the candles

It's so fun for our kids to play with most of there cousins at the same time,

If you have never been to Joes BBQ you need to go, it's super yummy!

Grandma and Brody

Can you see Brighton tackling Brody??

Their they go... the tackle was a success!
And Peyton thought it was a dog pile and jumped right on.

The Tsui crew

I love these 2 together. They get along so well and both LOVE the movie "CARS".