Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer already???

Yes folks you read that right, summer is here and we are loving it! Now when May comes and it's 120 degrees out we will be hiding inside until Fall. But for now we are enjoying the outdoors and trying to get everything in before it's too hot. Yesterday was 90 degrees and this was my conversation with my 2 yr. old

Brody: Mom i want to bring my stroller inside it's too sunny...
Mom: Brody that is an outside stroller and it's nice out, so go play...(yes he has a doll stroller)
Brody: No
Which he decided to leave the stroller outside so he could come in. Oh my children obviously can't remember how HOT it gets!

We took the kids hiking the other day with Dustin, Nicole and their crew. We had a blast and the older kids loved running up the mountain together, leaving their parents in their dust.

My little hikers all ready to go...

Peyton thinks he is a professional hiker
and he must clearly be with his binoculars and hiking stick.
I love this pic

Brighton and Brody taking a break.

Break time for all

Dakota is such a good older cousin and waited for Peyton and Avery to catch up with him.

These 3 hiked together the entire time

The stragglers

Dustin pushing the much needed stroller!!!

Brody following the big kids...

Yeah he made it, with a little help from mom.
The stroller being carried?? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

We made it to the top and that's all that matters!


Just Rhonda said...

aww aren't you guys good!!! Can't believe it's already warm there. We aren't quite that warm. ;)