Sunday, November 30, 2008

Whitney made this gorgeous quilt and what a great job she did on it. I really hope it finds it's way into my home this Christmas. BUT if you go here it might end up in your home instead!!!
All donations will be going to this SWEET LITTLE GIRL.... who is recovering from her heart transplant.

You will also be able to win one of my bjorn covers if you don't win the quilt. So go enter and donate to baby Mia.

Thursday, November 27, 2008



Don't you hate when someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you can't think of anything? Well that is never a problem for me. Here are a few things that i love or want. Most of the things i ask for, is stuff that i hate to spend my own money on.

1. Shark cordless vacuum. This has been the best thing ever it cleans up quick messes and is use EVERYDAY at our house. This can be found at costco, linens and things, bed bath and beyond.

2. The Shark steamer. I WANT this one, i just tried out my friends Shari's and it is GREAT! It uses only water to clean your floor and it's easy to use. This also can be found at Costco, linens and things, and bed bah and beyond.

3. Sephora gift card. Don't you think make-up is way over priced? I do. I found the best line of skin car/make up at Sephora and even though it last a long time i hate when i have to replace one of the items.

4. The BOB jogging stroller. I got this last year for Christmas and we LOVE it.

5. Magazine subscriptions. This is a classic and a favorite.

6. 1000 thread count sheets!!!! This is a must. And they are even on sale at Target tomorrow for $ 59.99 for the set. This is an AWESOME deal.

7. Nordstrom gift card. I think every girl could use this any time of the year.

Ok i could keep going but i have a little boy hanging off my arm wanting to play a game. So i'm off to play with Peyton and will add more to the list later!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another give away!

I love this site they always have the BEST give aways. And i actually won a cute bag a couple weeks back. So all this entering is paying off. Go check out there latest and greatest....
Click here

Sunday, November 23, 2008


If you haven't been here it is great for kids 4 and under. My kids love coming here to run around and make crafts.

Josh and Brody driving the bus under aunt Shannons supervision of course.

Brody making a Craft

Josh doing his craft

And Peyton too....

Building blocks...

The guys being very excited about being at the museum...!

They have a slide too!

Shannon making a flower

Brett still being excited!!!

Miss. Madi

After the youth museum Brett and i watched all the kids minus Josh.
So we gave them baths and got the all ready for bed.

These 3 were so funny together

YEAH for bath time!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday, cousins and Baseball game!


Brody is officially 2 years old and living up to the title. We had a little party with his cousins on Sunday evening and he loved being center of attention.

His birthday shirt i made for him.

His BUG cake....
which he loved and he had to look at it about 100 times before we cut into it.

He wanted to show everyone his cake and would drag them over to take a look.

Showing off his cake to aunt Nicole!

Brett was on ice cream duty,
we forgot to take it out before and it was rock hard.
cutting the cake...finally!

All the cousins, minus baby Taylor and Cassie!


his new train jammies...

My darling nephew Dakota (am i aloud to call a 9yr. old boy darling?) is an awesome little athlete and we were able to take all the kids to his baseball game. They had a blast hanging out with everyone and watching their oldest cousin.

OK look at this kid, you can't tell me he's not darling. And he's the nicest little guy ever, he is always helpful and my boys just adore him.

Dustin doing the coaching thing....

My cute sister in-laws Shannon and Nicole.

Grandma Karren with the grandkids!

My little Brody

Tsui family plus Grandma and minus Jaden.

I love these girls...

And these kids had way too much FUN together.

Leaving the game.

We took the kids to the out door shopping mall to play at the park. And to browse through to kids stores.

Brody and Madi


Peyton and Jaden

Joshua the monkey!

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma, Vince, Shannon, Jaden, Madison and Josh we had lots of fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Technically Still ONE...

Brody is turning 2 in a couple of days but i wanted to post about him while he was still 1. This little boy of ours is so smart and talks so well i often forget how young he actually is. He has a great imagination and i often find him playing and having his toys talk to each other. It is pretty cute to see. He is also very independent and will play for hours in the toy room by himself. He loves trains, Diego, cars, airplanes and all kids shows. He is a great little brother and wants to play with Peyton all the time. He is also a great sleeper but loves to come with every excuse to stay up later like:
B: "mom i'm hungry"
Mom: "Nice try Brody it's time for bed"
B: "I want to brush my teeth"
MOM:"you already brushed your teeth"
B: "i want to do it again"
MOM: "NO you can do it in the morning"
B: "I have to go potty"
MOM: first of all he is NOT potty trained i sometimes let him try to go potty but he never goes, he's just figured out he can get out of bed if he says this. So i often say
"You can try in the morning, it's bed time"
B: "OK night mommy"
Have you heard of this many excuses from a one year old? Peyton has never even tried this many on us. I think we might be in trouble with this one.
He is also a dare devil, he will try anything you tell him. He will jump to you from several stairs up knowing you'll catch him. He rarely crys when he gets hurt and when he does it's very short followed by "I'm OK".
He will eat anything and everything, this kids is always hungry. He is the one person in the house that loves anything i cook. Thanks Brody.
And If when he is hungry he can usually find his own snack.

Why is it that the box is always funner than the toy? I put this out side by the trash and Peyton dragged it back inside for them to play in. He said "mom i found our house outside."


Is it ever too early????

To build ginger bread houses?
Or tree houses as Brody calls them. We had to do something Christmas like when Brett's mom came to visit. It isn't even Thanksgiving down here yet but you would never even know shopping in the stores. As soon as Halloween was done Christmas started. So the little village of gingerbread house was already on sale and ready for the Karrens to make. The boys had so much fun getting messy and eating the candy.

Peyton was getting really good at doing the icing.

Brody was really good at putting his little fingers in everything.

On another note: It's still super nice here and i often find my 2 little guys in the backyard digging. They like to bury their toys in the dirt, we've lost a few McQueen cars this way.