Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday, cousins and Baseball game!


Brody is officially 2 years old and living up to the title. We had a little party with his cousins on Sunday evening and he loved being center of attention.

His birthday shirt i made for him.

His BUG cake....
which he loved and he had to look at it about 100 times before we cut into it.

He wanted to show everyone his cake and would drag them over to take a look.

Showing off his cake to aunt Nicole!

Brett was on ice cream duty,
we forgot to take it out before and it was rock hard.
cutting the cake...finally!

All the cousins, minus baby Taylor and Cassie!


his new train jammies...

My darling nephew Dakota (am i aloud to call a 9yr. old boy darling?) is an awesome little athlete and we were able to take all the kids to his baseball game. They had a blast hanging out with everyone and watching their oldest cousin.

OK look at this kid, you can't tell me he's not darling. And he's the nicest little guy ever, he is always helpful and my boys just adore him.

Dustin doing the coaching thing....

My cute sister in-laws Shannon and Nicole.

Grandma Karren with the grandkids!

My little Brody

Tsui family plus Grandma and minus Jaden.

I love these girls...

And these kids had way too much FUN together.

Leaving the game.

We took the kids to the out door shopping mall to play at the park. And to browse through to kids stores.

Brody and Madi


Peyton and Jaden

Joshua the monkey!

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma, Vince, Shannon, Jaden, Madison and Josh we had lots of fun.


Krista said...

Can't believe he is 2 already!! Morgan will be 2 in February. He still seems like my little baby. Time flies. Looks like some goods times you guys are having!!


Susie said...

oh my heck that looks like the best party ever. love all the cousins!! How do your boys play in the dirt and are still so clean and cute.