Saturday, November 15, 2008

Technically Still ONE...

Brody is turning 2 in a couple of days but i wanted to post about him while he was still 1. This little boy of ours is so smart and talks so well i often forget how young he actually is. He has a great imagination and i often find him playing and having his toys talk to each other. It is pretty cute to see. He is also very independent and will play for hours in the toy room by himself. He loves trains, Diego, cars, airplanes and all kids shows. He is a great little brother and wants to play with Peyton all the time. He is also a great sleeper but loves to come with every excuse to stay up later like:
B: "mom i'm hungry"
Mom: "Nice try Brody it's time for bed"
B: "I want to brush my teeth"
MOM:"you already brushed your teeth"
B: "i want to do it again"
MOM: "NO you can do it in the morning"
B: "I have to go potty"
MOM: first of all he is NOT potty trained i sometimes let him try to go potty but he never goes, he's just figured out he can get out of bed if he says this. So i often say
"You can try in the morning, it's bed time"
B: "OK night mommy"
Have you heard of this many excuses from a one year old? Peyton has never even tried this many on us. I think we might be in trouble with this one.
He is also a dare devil, he will try anything you tell him. He will jump to you from several stairs up knowing you'll catch him. He rarely crys when he gets hurt and when he does it's very short followed by "I'm OK".
He will eat anything and everything, this kids is always hungry. He is the one person in the house that loves anything i cook. Thanks Brody.
And If when he is hungry he can usually find his own snack.

Why is it that the box is always funner than the toy? I put this out side by the trash and Peyton dragged it back inside for them to play in. He said "mom i found our house outside."



Sarah said...

Melissa.... it is so crazy how I can relate a little too well with every thing you said about your boys! Especially your one year old that already acts 3? What is up with the second child thing, it's a good thing they are so adorable huh! You have such handsome little men! Plus...... your hair looks so gorgeous that dark! Love it!

Brittany said...

such cute little guys...they grow up too fast!! Lucy is exactly the same with her excuses...they definetly know how to work it.

Anonymous said...

I love all of Brody's excuses to not go to sleep! Griffin did that one night and kept asking for water. They catch on fast! Your boys are getting so big! They are so cute playing together. I love how a box is more fun than the toy inside!

The Brandleys said...

I came across your blog and can I say your boys are adorable. Hope you don'tmind if I check up on your cute fam occasionaly