Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Tis the Season to Speek" Sweepstakes....

Speek is having an awesome giveaway.
Between now & December 12th if you sign up for a free Speek account you'll be entered into this awesome sweepstake! How awesome you ask??? Let's just say the Grand Prize is a $1,000 shopping spree, the 1st prize is a Nintendo Wii & the 2nd prize is an Apple iPhone. Who doesn't want/need all 3 of those? Plus with Christmas around the corner, I think we could all use some extra spending money!!!

So what do you have to do to win??? It's soo simple, that's what I
love. You go click on the link below & sign up for your FREE account. Now you are entered.

Web Badge

How Does Speek Work?

When you join Speek, you get a free account where you create a profile all about you and your interests. (Note: You never have to submit any sensitive stuff like a phone number, credit card number or social security number-- and the information you do give is 100% secure and never seen or shared with anyone else.)


You then get access to an easy-to-use online viewer. That's where you'll receive ads that are matched specifically with you.


For every ad that you view and rate your interest in, you get $.05.


For every ad you view, a non-profit organization selected by you also receives $.05. You don't have to choose between the two-- you can make money and make a difference at the same time.


When you invite friends and family to Speek, you make money for every ad they view too. The more people you invite, the faster it all adds up.


When you want to get your money, it's as easy as pushing a button. Your proceeds will be put into your PayPal account (or you can choose alternate payment methods, like gift cards to your favorite stores-- whatever makes you the very happiest).


Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

Hey! I love speek too!

Thanks for the great post!