Tuesday, November 4, 2008


needs our help. Their cute baby girl Mia was born with a heart defect and her insurance is running out and won't put her on more than one waiting list for a heart transplant. If the family wants her on more waiting lists they have to come up with $450,000 up front. I don't know about you but i certainly don't have that kind of money. I don't know anybody who has that kind of cash, so this CUTE girl is helping them by doing a quilt giveaway. You can choose to donate if you want but what is $1 dollar? I decided i'm going to go without my SONIC drink today so i can give to this family. Go HERE to donate to MIA! Go HERE to win the quilt!


whitney said...

Thanks for putting up such a great post for us! We are trying to get some more stuff together to give away so I'll let you know when that happens!
I loved all your Halloween pictures. As if they got too hot in their costuems! We can't complain, it was actaully warm here for trick or treating for once.
And holy cow - a 1/2 marathon! I don't think I will ever move past the 5K.

Hawks said...

That quilt is so cute. I want it!