Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Brody Carson Karren!!

This little 3 year old makes me laugh everyday. I can't believe how witty and smart he is at such a young age. He remembers everything he hears and everyone he meets. Brody is very independent and doesn't like help with anything. He can usually figure most things out by himself. He may be a smarty but also loves to call everyone and their dog a poo-poo head and stupid, and that's just if he likes you!

Happy Birthday Dude.

More pics of his carnival party to come!

Does it seem like EVERYONE is...


NO i am not pregnant!!!
But it seems like everyone around me is or has just had a baby. I'm kinda feeling out of the loop on this but i don't think our time has come to dive into baby #3. I really want another one or two but i'm not sure if i can handle being out numbered. And there is always that 50/50 chance it's going to be another boy....!

If you have 3 or more kiddos tell me the pros and cons. Not that i need convincing but it's always good to know the other side before you make the leap.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween...

Peyton's pre-school had a Halloween party and performed a few songs for the parents. It was so cute. Then they went trick or treating to a few of the neighbors homes and showed off their costumes. Brody got right into too, he is ready to be a big kid like his brother.

My 2 super hero's!

Batman strutting his stuff!

We carved pumpkins this year, if you know me this is a big step. I hate the clean up part so i usually resort to mr.potatoe head pieces. But i decide that my kids need the experience. I remember carving pumpkins as a kid every year, my mom would buy us all our own pumpkins ans we loved it.

I love these 2 super hero's!
They loved trick or treating and filled their bags right to the top.

Look at those muscles!

SUPERMAN "say cheese"
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