Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool Party

Well the Pool is Finally done! We are so excited to have a pool and to be able to cool off. The kids LOVE it and swim every day, they are getting so good.

Here is our pool journey.

Digging- took them less then 5 hrs. i was very impressed.
forming the pool
pipes- aka my in floor cleaning system

spraying the cement -this was fun to watch
after the cement is done and drying
No one tells you that when you build a pool you have to spray the cement down 3X a day for 20 mins for 3 days so the cement cures.
Tile and deck
Finished Pool

Pool kids

Friday, June 10, 2011

Slowly Catching Up!

Peyton has finished Kindergarten!
I can't believe how much he has matured and grown this year. He is such a good kid.
Peyton has learned so much from kindergarten he has taught all of us new things. He loves math and reading, and he is really good at both. But Computers and PE are his favorite specials.

Peyton we love you!
Mrs. Cooper was his kindergarten teacher

Boys being Boys

I left Brett with the kids one night and came home to him and Kami passed out on the couch.

Kami and Brody. He is learning to be really gentle with her. He loves to play with her and find her new toys.
She is a busy girl she is crawling every where, walking along furniture and loves to hold your hands and walk around. Yes she is only 7 months.

She has stared eating some solids and is loving everything. Except maybe peas.