Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pool Party

Well the Pool is Finally done! We are so excited to have a pool and to be able to cool off. The kids LOVE it and swim every day, they are getting so good.

Here is our pool journey.

Digging- took them less then 5 hrs. i was very impressed.
forming the pool
pipes- aka my in floor cleaning system

spraying the cement -this was fun to watch
after the cement is done and drying
No one tells you that when you build a pool you have to spray the cement down 3X a day for 20 mins for 3 days so the cement cures.
Tile and deck
Finished Pool

Pool kids


Mindi said...

Wow! Very fun!!! So jealous right now!

Rushele said...

Yay!! Glad they finally finished and you guys get to enjoy it now!
How was your CA trip?

kyle and linsey said...

Holy Awesome! I want to dive right in! I think it is mandatory to have a pool when you live in AZ.

Jamie said...

You are such a good blogger. Good for you. Love the pool. We are ready for our invite. ;)

Jessica said...

Im jealous right now too! I will be so nice when it is soo hot in the summer your kids can still burn off some energy!

Hawks said...

That is so cool! You are going to be pool bums this summer!

LindsayB said...

i cannot think of anything better for a backyard when you live in arizona. have fun!

Chelsea said...

Just in time for my mum to come crash the pool party!!! :) I wish i could come down too, once im done nursing school we need to plan a reuniion with kimme and becky too!!!

Kimme Rae said...

love it, looks like my mom is gonna have a blast :)