Thursday, January 29, 2009

Girl Trip To.....


My sister and i wanted to get away on a girly trip and thought it would be fun to have Carly (Robs fiance) and Lindsey (Brent's girlfriend) join us. We all had a blast. We celebrated Becky's birthday, went to show (awesome) and did alot of SHOPPING! Oh ya and ate so much JUNK.

The famous sign that we had to get a pic in front of.

At the Bellagio water show, this hotel is beautiful.

Pizza from New York New York, it was so yummy!

Shopping at the outdoor mall

BIRTHDAY GIRL, Becky turned 30! (she is 6 months prego)
She is my favorite sister, i love that i can call her anytime. She is always honest with me, we usually know what the other person is thinking, she is a good mom to the cutest little girl, she is going to go crazy when she has baby #2, she is adores her little family, she works hard (i wish i could what she does), she loves her sleep, and she is the BEST aunt to the cutest nephews around. We love you Becky, thanks for all your love and support!!!

Her cute husband sent her flowers while we were in Vegas, jealous!!!!

This was 1 day of our shopping spree, most of it was Becky's....just for the record.

We went to PF Chang's for her birthday dinner, so good. We love you lettuce wraps!!!

We headed to the show after dinner and it was AMAZING. We saw Le Reve (i'm sure i'm spelling it wrong) If you ever head to Vegas go see this show.

We had to stop by the frozen yogurt place to get the best yogurt ever.

Carly and i with our matching hoodies and yellow bags.

The M&M shop, it looked so delicious. Good thing i don't really like m&m's, i'm a Canadian girl at heart and i LOVE smarties more. And at $11.99 per pound it wasn't worth it to me.

We layed around alot, i think we were in bed before 10pm every night.

So sad but our time away had to end sometime, reality set in and a couple hours later i was back to being a mom. Thanks Brett for taking your weekend to watch our boys and a HUGE thanks to my best friend Shari who took my kids when Brett was at work. My kids didn't even want to leave her house when we went to get them. They love you Kirkhams.

Monday, January 19, 2009

slow is the new fast....!

Another 1/2 marathon done and my legs are KILLING me. My friend Tasha came out from Detroit to run the Phoenix rock 'n' roll 1/2 marathon and i decided to join her. It was a blast i couldn't believe how many people were there, 37000!

Picking up our numbers

Yes we made signs for ourselves, it was free!!!

I had so much fun shopping, getting pedi's, eating out (because i don't cook), and just hanging out a talking.
Thanks for coming to AZ Meagan and Tasha, i hope the cold blizzard weather is convincing you to move here.....!!!!!!

My kiddos had so much fun with these 2 girls.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Have you made yours????

New Years Resolutions????

I LOVE this time of year, it feels like a FRESH start. Even though i usually make the same few goals year after year, this is really going to be the year that i STICK to them!!!

1. LOSE WEIGHT, and not just lose it but keep it off and get totally buff.
2. Eat healthier, this is the part that's going to get me BUFF.
3. Buy a house, i hope this comes sooner than later.
4. Get organized, so when we buy our house it will be an easy breezy move.
5. Save MONEY, so i can buy a house and FURNITURE for the new house.
7. Try not to get stressed over dumb things, this is the chill part. I always get worked up over the smallest things.

So i could keep going because and list all the things i NEED to work on but there are so many i think i'll take baby steps....

Good Luck with 2009!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009



My beautiful sister in-law Nicole had a birthday this week.

We LOVE her and think she is so GREAT because:

1.She is so good to my kiddos, they seriously adore her.
2. She always has the BEST clothes and is always up for a shopping trip.
3. She is so good to us and is always thinking of others.
4. She surprised us with papa johns pizza one night.
5. She babysat our kids so Brett and i could go to California for the weekend.
6. She ALWAYS gives complements.
7. She will listen when i want to complain and then give me great advice.
8. She is a good mom (i love her parenting style)
9. She gave up drinking diet coke ( something i could never do)
10. She is Nicole and is someone you can sit and talk to for hours.

I wanted to try a new cheesecake recipe and thought Nicoles birthday would be the perfect event for it, Brody was admiring it all day before we took it over to her. We hope you enjoyed it Nic. I'll post the recipe soon!



Peyton is now in Sunbeams and LOVES it.
He is getting so big, i can't believe he is in primary. He loves his teachers and all the new friends in his class.

New Years...

We rang in the New Year with friends, food and some good chit chat. Some couples from our old ward came over to help us celebrate.

Yes i made it until midnight this year, with some help from a few energy drinks!

Brett sucking back the Martinellis

And here is the crew that joined us this year...



And the Jespersons, but i didn't get a pic of them.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


What do i do?
Brody (who just turned 2) calls EVERYONE a poo poo head! What a brat right? I've tried timeouts, i've tried ignoring it, i even told him if he wants to say potty words he has to start going potty. So he'll humor me and go sit on the potty for 1/2 a second. But seriously like every 30 seconds he is saying this. I'll hear Peyton yell from the toy room " mom Brody's saying that word again." What a patient older brother he has.
I think Brody thinks it's funny, so we try not to react but he's know he's not supposed to be saying potty talk.
Our friends Darren and Shari Kirkham call Peyton "P."
And Peyton was telling me that Darren said to him "what's up P"? And Brody overheard this and says "OH NO that's potty talk."
So we know he get's it.
I'm sure it's just a phase. But i hope other moms don't think i'm horrible if they hear Brody calling there kid a "poo poo head" because he does it to all of us!

Brody we still LOVE you!