Saturday, January 3, 2009


What do i do?
Brody (who just turned 2) calls EVERYONE a poo poo head! What a brat right? I've tried timeouts, i've tried ignoring it, i even told him if he wants to say potty words he has to start going potty. So he'll humor me and go sit on the potty for 1/2 a second. But seriously like every 30 seconds he is saying this. I'll hear Peyton yell from the toy room " mom Brody's saying that word again." What a patient older brother he has.
I think Brody thinks it's funny, so we try not to react but he's know he's not supposed to be saying potty talk.
Our friends Darren and Shari Kirkham call Peyton "P."
And Peyton was telling me that Darren said to him "what's up P"? And Brody overheard this and says "OH NO that's potty talk."
So we know he get's it.
I'm sure it's just a phase. But i hope other moms don't think i'm horrible if they hear Brody calling there kid a "poo poo head" because he does it to all of us!

Brody we still LOVE you!


Jacklyn said...

Isn't it funny that we're the parents trying to handle these things?? I swear we were just playing barbies in your camper!! good luck I have no idea's

LindsayB said...

i'm no help. alli says 'crap' 'dang it' 'shoot'...i have no idea where she gets these from..

Chelsea said...

Your boys are adorable!! Brody looks way older than 2!!! Thanks for the compliments, I am just trying to eat lots of salad and chicken!! Thanks for the christmas card! you look awesome- what is your secret?

Mindi said...

So...good luck with that! I'm sure I'll be posting that one shortly too!

Family Scads said...

That's a great post. It made me laugh out loud. I'm sure that no one thinks less of you for "poo poo head." Kids are a magnet for words like poo. I asked Gwen the other night if she was poopie, and her response was "no mommy, I'm Gwen." Love it!