Sunday, January 11, 2009



My beautiful sister in-law Nicole had a birthday this week.

We LOVE her and think she is so GREAT because:

1.She is so good to my kiddos, they seriously adore her.
2. She always has the BEST clothes and is always up for a shopping trip.
3. She is so good to us and is always thinking of others.
4. She surprised us with papa johns pizza one night.
5. She babysat our kids so Brett and i could go to California for the weekend.
6. She ALWAYS gives complements.
7. She will listen when i want to complain and then give me great advice.
8. She is a good mom (i love her parenting style)
9. She gave up drinking diet coke ( something i could never do)
10. She is Nicole and is someone you can sit and talk to for hours.

I wanted to try a new cheesecake recipe and thought Nicoles birthday would be the perfect event for it, Brody was admiring it all day before we took it over to her. We hope you enjoyed it Nic. I'll post the recipe soon!


Nikik said...

Melissa, your cake was TO DIE FOR, and so I ate my piece and froze the rest for the next time I get to eat cake! THANK YOU so much, it was the best birthday cake ever - of course, since it came from the Queen of Baking and other Good Treats - You!!! :))))))