Friday, April 30, 2010

Yep i'm creeping closer and closer to thirty and i'm starting to feel it too.
My birthday was great, i went for lunch with Brett and then out for dinner with my girlies!
We laughed so hard that my cheeks and throat still hurt the next morning.

My friend Ashley had asked me a week or so ago what i wanted for my birthday and i told her that i wanted Brett to get my a "huge ass" cake so i can eat a piece everyday of the week. Well she took it literally and made me my very own butt cake. We laughed so hard.

Isn't this cake amazing? If you look really close you can see the fringes of the jean shorts. I still haven't cut into it because i don't want to wreck this master piece.

Me and Ashley

When Brody saw this cake he asked "why is that butt wearing a necklace?"

Thank you everyone who shared this special day with me, i had a blast.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can you help me justify this?

So i'm totally in LOVE with this bag and debating between these 2 colors but
i'm a little skeptical over the price!!!
It's a small fortune,
alright it's a huge fortune for a diaper bag and i can think of a million other things i can buy for this pricey price tag but i still WANT it.

Please don't judge me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Can you guess???


- Sore and expanding chest (this one i don't mind)
- growing thighs and butt, and where did this back roll come from?
- frequent urination
- vomiting and not just in the morning
- heightened sense of smell
- weird cravings, like things i can only get in Canada!
- being tired all day long

13 weeks Pregnant

Yep, we are adding another addition to our family. Baby #3 will be here in October!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Happenings...

We went to Dustin and Nicole's house for an Easter lunch and Easter egg hunt the Friday before Easter. It was so much fun, thanks guys.

The kids getting ready to go find some eggs...

Peyton was nice and shared some of the eggs he found with Brody!

Avery hunting away

Brighton got quite the stash of eggs

Uncle Brett helping the kids look for some hard ones

And the after math...candy wrapper and split eggs all over Nicole's house!

Avery split her toe open pretty bad and Dr. Nicole came to the rescue.

Cute Cousins

You have to play a game of whiffle ball at Easter!

Nicole is awesome, she can pitch and bat. I could barley hit the ball and that was with some cheating.

Nicole up to bat

OK now you all can laugh!

The kids played on the tramp awhile and then ventured into the freezing pool! Crazy kids

Easter at our house.
My kids woke up at 5:30am to find their Easter eggs and baskets. It's like Christmas to them. Next year there will be some ground rules.
Brody's basket

Peyton searched and searched for his basket until he found it behind the red chair in the toy room.
Too many eggs....
Peyton tried on his new basketball shorts from the Easter bunny as soon as he got them.

And all of this happened while dad slept....