Friday, April 30, 2010

Yep i'm creeping closer and closer to thirty and i'm starting to feel it too.
My birthday was great, i went for lunch with Brett and then out for dinner with my girlies!
We laughed so hard that my cheeks and throat still hurt the next morning.

My friend Ashley had asked me a week or so ago what i wanted for my birthday and i told her that i wanted Brett to get my a "huge ass" cake so i can eat a piece everyday of the week. Well she took it literally and made me my very own butt cake. We laughed so hard.

Isn't this cake amazing? If you look really close you can see the fringes of the jean shorts. I still haven't cut into it because i don't want to wreck this master piece.

Me and Ashley

When Brody saw this cake he asked "why is that butt wearing a necklace?"

Thank you everyone who shared this special day with me, i had a blast.


Speedy Gonzales said...

Did Ashley make that? That is a a masterpiece! I'm so bummed I missed your bday-who knew we were April brithday buddies. So glad you had a blast, enjoy your birthday week!

Jamie said...

That cake is hilarious. Glad you had a good day.

Mindi said...

That cake is amazing! Happy 28th!

Elisha said...

AWESOME!!!!!! I love it!! It was fun celebrating with you on your b-day!!! I laughed my "butt" off!!!

Just Rhonda said...

hahahaha that is so FUNNY! She's got skills!

lynz said...

oh my gosh - that is hilarious! what a great friend :) haha

marisajbaines said...

i am laughing so hard... i love the 'necklace' ha!

Anonymous said...

That cake is awesome! She must be a profesh cake maker. Happy bday! 30 isn't so bad. You've got 2 more years in your twenties, so live it up!!