Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kindergarten here we come...

Peyton Brady Karren class of 2010!

Yep Peyton has graduated from pre-school and is moving up in this world and on to Kindergarten! I can't believe it.

Peyton has matured so much this year and has become a sweet, kind, caring 5 year old BOY!
He cares about others feelings and doesn't want to leave anybody out. He try's to do what is right and make good choices everyday. He has a passion for learning, he is always finding ways to learn above and beyond what is required of him. He has started reading and loves to sound out every word he see's or hears. Sometimes this can be annoying when your trying to talk to him and he interrupts you with "MOM you just said a word that begins with B" !!! He asks me everyday how to spell random words.
I love all of these things about Peyton. He makes our home a happy fun place to be. Thanks dude for being you.

AT graduation
The 3 boys in the class
Peyton, Hunter, Kobe

Peyton was asked to carry the American flag.
(kinda ironic that the Canadian got asked to do this)

Getting his diploma

Peyton and Mrs.Nicole
She has been the best teacher, we love her.

Now these are some pics from the school year in random order. Peyton's teacher gave everyone Cd's with pics of their own kids from the entire school year. She does way more than any other teacher i know. She is amazing.
They had a water day on the last week of school and they were aloud to go swimming in Mrs. Nicoles pool.

I love this action pic

DO you remember these from elementary? I totally do, they were my favorite.

Peyton's animal report was
on the "Snake" we found in our back yard.

Peyton even married his friend Katie at pre-school!!! The kids dressed up and had a wedding for the letters "Q" and "U". Seriously isn't his teacher so creative?

I helped in Peyton's class one day and taught the kids how to keep their teeth clean.

I think this is my fav. pic of Peyton

He is going to miss pre-k but i know he will LOVE kindergarten too.


McCandless Co. said...

What a cute kid Peyton is!

marisajbaines said...

i love that he gets to wear cap and gown....we kinda suck up here!

Jamie said...

He is too cute. I can't believe how well Peyton is writing. That's amazing.

Connie said...

Oh my goodness, that kid is so stinkin' cute! I am dying over the cap and gown! Looks like Ms. Nicole is a great teacher.

Life Is Golden said...

I LOVE him in the cap and gown... it's like a little glimpse into 13 years from now.

Kimme Rae said...

So adorable Missy, and you look amazing!
I haven't seen you or Becky in such a long time! Mom gives me updates every now and then but I think we should have a big family reunion and your 'two little monsters' can get to know my very own 'little monster!'