Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yah Yah!!!

So our little Brody is becoming very vocal these days. Him and Peyton find their own way to communicate it's pretty cute. Brody has started calling Peyton "Yah Yah," he will crawl as fast as he can after Peyton saying "Yah Yah." And now Peyton has started responding to this new little name. I love that these 2 little guys have become BUDDIES.

Brody & Yah Yah
On Monday night Ellie and Tom came over for dinner and stayed for FHE and thank goodness they did because caramel apples are alot harder then they look. And they were pro's. Brett was also very good he came up with a great technique that worked out and saved all the apples i tried to do.

Brett's mom (NaNa) sent the boys an awesome Halloween package. It had these great flashlights in it that they cannot stop playing with. Peyton immediately turned off all the lights in the house and ran around with the light, Brody following close behind.

Brody digging into the package...

So my boys have this new game and it's called take ALL the plastic bags out and throw them all over the house.

All this happened in one night so my house was a disaster but we had alot of fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


PEYTON..HMMM! What do i say about Peyton. He is our lively, active, fun, lovable, sweet child. He keeps things around here NEVER boring. From the moment he wakes up to moment he goes to bed i am constantly worrying where Peyton is and what's he doing. If i hear Brody cry i automatically think Peyton's done something wrong. I'm trying to get out of that habit because i know Brody will cry/whine for no reason now. We LOVE Peyton, he ALWAYS says please and thank you. And he is ALWAYS the first to run to Brody when he wakes up or is SAD. Peyton is a very BUSY kid but we wouldn't want it any other WAY! Thank you Peyton!

He loves to help in the kitchen it doesn't matter what i'm making he wants in!

He thought he could get away with mushing banana all over Brody, floor and table. I don't think so mister.

Brody had banana mated in his hair, but he didn't care he just kept eating what was on the floor! YUMMY...

Peyton loves cookies (he helped me make Halloween cookies. there may have been a few finger marks in them.)

Peyton is our first, we love him no matter!


This post is for Brody. He is our 11 month old who is very feisty, cheeky and determined. This kid knows what he wants and has figured out how to get it. Some days i can't believe he is so smart, he is still my baby. I was telling Brett the other day how Brody is doing this and that i don't remember Peyton being like this at this age. Brett quickly responded with " If you had Peyton as a big brother you would figure out very quickly how to get what you want and to defend yourself." This is so true. Peyton is a great BIG brother but he knows how to BUG, TEASE and RUIN the FUN! He wouldn't be a big brother if he didn't.
Brody is getting into EVERYTHING, i find him in the toilet, fridge, pantry, you name it. He especially loves the dish washer though. As soon as i open it i can hear him crawling as fast as he can to climb in.

He likes to drink the left over water from it when it's done running. GROSS!

Just look at his face how could i ever get mad...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Since Brett and i have been married we haven't been able to afford some of the extra things that we, OK i wanted! But now that we are getting a paycheck i can buy some of the those things that make life that much sweeter.

Life's Little Luxuries...

1. 1000 thread count sheets!!! This is a must, i had to splurge on these and i am so glad i did. I bought an extra set that is 400 count because i found them on clearance but i think i might retire them already. We slept on them last night and i didn't realize how nicer the 1000's are. Please go buy yourself these, don't wait until your done school like i did!

2. Pottery Barn! I love this store, i haven't bought anything

big yet but i'm saving my pennies to get some furniture. I did get Peyton's bedding from there and i got one of those super cute anywhere chairs for him. I love it and so does Brody. I think i know what i'll get Brody for Christmas.

3. My new king size bed. I look forward to going to bed at night, and i'm actually reading now (because we don't have a t.v. in our room). I don't notice if Peyton sneaks in during the night, it's HUGE!

4. My Honda Odyssey. I didn't think i wanted a van but once i drove it and saw how convenient they are i couldn't resist. My kids love it too.

5. Last but not least FRIDAY NIGHT SHOPPING! Brett goes golfing every Saturday, so i go shopping every Friday night, well most Friday nights. Last Friday i went with my sister in-law and found the best jeans for way cheap.... Seven for all man kind for $30 at Marshalls. I love that store. This week i found a darling black hand bag and i hit the old navy sale. If you have one by you RUN to it as fast as you can, they have a ton of shirts f0r $3.97, so of course i bought like 10 of them. Well you know what i mean.

I want to hear what things in your life keep you going, as you can see it's my shopping addiction. Don't worry next post will be about the kids again and i'll put up some cute pics.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love photoshop elements...

I have this program that i am falling in love with! I have spent many hours playing around on it and therefore neglecting my children, husband and house. For my first project i decided to do a birthday announcement for Brody's first birthday in November. Since i didn't do a birth announcement for him he gets a 1st birthday one. So i hope he likes it.
I have already started our Christmas card too! This program is so great you, i edit my photos, make cards and scrapbook on it. LOVE IT...
This is a sample of Brodys annoucement, it looks way better printed out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandma's Visit...
We had a great time with my mom while she was here. We did a lot of shopping and went on daily walks with the kids. The weather was perfect the whole time so basically the entire visit was a success.

Me and my mom.

Peyton pouting

My little Brody dude!

Peyton and Brody play under the crib like it's a fort.

Brody thougtht this was the easiest way to drink his juice

Peyton our little stud

My sister and i ordered the kids costumes off babystyle this year and when i got them in the mail i just had to try Cassie's gold fish costume on Brody. If it wasn't so girly i would have made him be the gold fish. I love it.

the gold fish having a melt down, but can you blame him? he is wearing stripped tights!

Grandma bought the boys the cutest p.j's

This is Brody's "Rooster" costume, we'll get better pics when Halloween comes.

Brody is rocking out in his crib and standing all by himself. Way to go Brody!

My kids love Watermelon!!!

Peyton and "NANA" eating watermelon

This is my little niece Brighton and my beautiful sister in-law Nicole, Brighton just turned 1 and has already figured out how to eat an ice cream cone. She looked so cute eating it i just had to take some pics.