Sunday, October 14, 2007

Since Brett and i have been married we haven't been able to afford some of the extra things that we, OK i wanted! But now that we are getting a paycheck i can buy some of the those things that make life that much sweeter.

Life's Little Luxuries...

1. 1000 thread count sheets!!! This is a must, i had to splurge on these and i am so glad i did. I bought an extra set that is 400 count because i found them on clearance but i think i might retire them already. We slept on them last night and i didn't realize how nicer the 1000's are. Please go buy yourself these, don't wait until your done school like i did!

2. Pottery Barn! I love this store, i haven't bought anything

big yet but i'm saving my pennies to get some furniture. I did get Peyton's bedding from there and i got one of those super cute anywhere chairs for him. I love it and so does Brody. I think i know what i'll get Brody for Christmas.

3. My new king size bed. I look forward to going to bed at night, and i'm actually reading now (because we don't have a t.v. in our room). I don't notice if Peyton sneaks in during the night, it's HUGE!

4. My Honda Odyssey. I didn't think i wanted a van but once i drove it and saw how convenient they are i couldn't resist. My kids love it too.

5. Last but not least FRIDAY NIGHT SHOPPING! Brett goes golfing every Saturday, so i go shopping every Friday night, well most Friday nights. Last Friday i went with my sister in-law and found the best jeans for way cheap.... Seven for all man kind for $30 at Marshalls. I love that store. This week i found a darling black hand bag and i hit the old navy sale. If you have one by you RUN to it as fast as you can, they have a ton of shirts f0r $3.97, so of course i bought like 10 of them. Well you know what i mean.

I want to hear what things in your life keep you going, as you can see it's my shopping addiction. Don't worry next post will be about the kids again and i'll put up some cute pics.


LindsayB said...

i told derek, and he aggress, that i am never being pregnant again until we get a king size bed. i dream about it...i should put in an order to you to find me some jeans at marshalls. whenever we go to california or vegas i never luck out and find the $30 sevens. and about your last post, i should learn how to really use photoshop. we've had it for years and i really only know the basics, what a waste!

Just Rhonda said...

i have a list in my head of things I am buying once the paychecks start coming too.....too bad it keeps getting longer the longer we are in school. :)

Kristy said...

oh i can't wait till I can get those same luxuries! :) a king size sleep number bed is my #1 :)

Monika said...

Such CUTE and TRUE luxuries! I admire people who get great deals . . . I am NOT one of them. No matter how hard I try, I seem to always miss out. I love those P.B.K. chairs. They are so light weight, which makes it nice to maneuver them. I wanted to comment again since I fixed my profile settings. Hopefully you'll be able to get to mine easier now. (Make sure that you comment!) I am looking forward to your hair next Saturday.