Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yah Yah!!!

So our little Brody is becoming very vocal these days. Him and Peyton find their own way to communicate it's pretty cute. Brody has started calling Peyton "Yah Yah," he will crawl as fast as he can after Peyton saying "Yah Yah." And now Peyton has started responding to this new little name. I love that these 2 little guys have become BUDDIES.

Brody & Yah Yah
On Monday night Ellie and Tom came over for dinner and stayed for FHE and thank goodness they did because caramel apples are alot harder then they look. And they were pro's. Brett was also very good he came up with a great technique that worked out and saved all the apples i tried to do.

Brett's mom (NaNa) sent the boys an awesome Halloween package. It had these great flashlights in it that they cannot stop playing with. Peyton immediately turned off all the lights in the house and ran around with the light, Brody following close behind.

Brody digging into the package...

So my boys have this new game and it's called take ALL the plastic bags out and throw them all over the house.

All this happened in one night so my house was a disaster but we had alot of fun!


Just Rhonda said...

I agree about the carmel apples! They are hard to make! Looks like a fun FHE!