Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandma's Visit...
We had a great time with my mom while she was here. We did a lot of shopping and went on daily walks with the kids. The weather was perfect the whole time so basically the entire visit was a success.

Me and my mom.

Peyton pouting

My little Brody dude!

Peyton and Brody play under the crib like it's a fort.

Brody thougtht this was the easiest way to drink his juice

Peyton our little stud

My sister and i ordered the kids costumes off babystyle this year and when i got them in the mail i just had to try Cassie's gold fish costume on Brody. If it wasn't so girly i would have made him be the gold fish. I love it.

the gold fish having a melt down, but can you blame him? he is wearing stripped tights!

Grandma bought the boys the cutest p.j's

This is Brody's "Rooster" costume, we'll get better pics when Halloween comes.

Brody is rocking out in his crib and standing all by himself. Way to go Brody!

My kids love Watermelon!!!

Peyton and "NANA" eating watermelon

This is my little niece Brighton and my beautiful sister in-law Nicole, Brighton just turned 1 and has already figured out how to eat an ice cream cone. She looked so cute eating it i just had to take some pics.


Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa - it's Holly from your ward. Cute blog! How fun that your mom came to visit! I bet the boys loved it. The Halloween costumes on Brody are so cute! He makes an adorable rooster. I still need to get one for Griffin. I checked out your bjorn covers - SO cute! You are so talented! See ya around the hood!

Monika said...

Yes, very cute covers indeed. Love them. I want to get one, so I'll have to check out your new boy fabric. All of your pic's are so cute . . . very sweet little boys!

whitney said...

LOVE the Halloween costumes. I don't think I'll try too hard this year - whatever costume I do get Roman into will undoubtedly be covered up by a winter coat anyway. Jealous of the Arizona trick or treating!