Sunday, October 21, 2007


PEYTON..HMMM! What do i say about Peyton. He is our lively, active, fun, lovable, sweet child. He keeps things around here NEVER boring. From the moment he wakes up to moment he goes to bed i am constantly worrying where Peyton is and what's he doing. If i hear Brody cry i automatically think Peyton's done something wrong. I'm trying to get out of that habit because i know Brody will cry/whine for no reason now. We LOVE Peyton, he ALWAYS says please and thank you. And he is ALWAYS the first to run to Brody when he wakes up or is SAD. Peyton is a very BUSY kid but we wouldn't want it any other WAY! Thank you Peyton!

He loves to help in the kitchen it doesn't matter what i'm making he wants in!

He thought he could get away with mushing banana all over Brody, floor and table. I don't think so mister.

Brody had banana mated in his hair, but he didn't care he just kept eating what was on the floor! YUMMY...

Peyton loves cookies (he helped me make Halloween cookies. there may have been a few finger marks in them.)

Peyton is our first, we love him no matter!


LindsayB said...

who knew such a cute face could be such a trouble maker!