Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Happenings.....

We had a great Easter this year. We tried to explain to Peyton that Easter wasn't about candy and easter eggs it was about Jesus. Well i think we will have to explain a bit better next year. When he found his easter basket i asked him "who brought you all this stuff?" His reply was " thank you Jesus!" I guess he kinda gets it????
Our ward had an easter egg hunt for the kids, it was so fun to see them find all the eggs. Brody would find one sit down and eat it then go and find another one. He is so cute!
I tried to get some pics of the kids in their Easter outfits but if you've met my kiddos you know they don't sit still ever, mostly Brody. I did get a few of Peyton and some of the picture i took when i was trying them on the kids when i first bought them. You'll notice the tags in some of the pics.

This is Peyton starving after church...

i love this pic
I love this one of Brody too...

Finding the eggs..

the baskets...

These our from the ward hunt!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The BIG 30!!!

Happy Birthday Babe...
I tried to download more pics of Brett but they wouldn't work, my computer is doing something funky tonight. But this is one of my all time favorites, this is Brett and Peyton when we went to Virginia to visit our friends. Peyton was about 6 months old here.
Brett and i have been married for 6 yrs. this April, i can't believe how time flys. When i met Brett he was living down the street from my moms house (where is was living) and we went to the same student ward. To make a long story short we started hanging out (thanks to a few friends) and then the rest is history. Brett and i got married and moved around to 6 different locations, and are now settled here in Gilbert Arizona. Brett graduated from dental school last May and is working with a great dental group. Brett is an awesome dad and husband. I really couldn't of asked for much more (except that he clean a little more!). Brett i love you and all you do for our family. I hope you know how much i appreciate you and your hard work, i'm truly grateful to have a husband that is strong in the church and is there for me when i need someone to talk to. Thanks for being you....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Would you EVER...?

I was having a conversation with some girls in my ward and we were talking about
Some of us were talking about what we would have done...ok, so i was talking about what i would have done! And the question was asked would you ever get it done if it was for free or you got paid a million dollars? We all know my answer yes, yes, yes, i would get more done! Some girls said "NO"......really?
Am i that vain or insecure about myself????
Ever since, I've been doing some seriously thinking. I'm happy with my life, my husband is great and my kids are amazing. I am truly blessed to have the life i do. But i'm also blessed with not so cute thighs and bum. So i came up with the conclusion that i would still would get it done. I would never do it because someone thought i should, i would do it for me. I think having a little help is ok even if it comes from a plastic surgeon and a lot of pain.
So what i want to know is, would you get any kind of plastic surgery done even if you had to pay for it????