Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Would you EVER...?

I was having a conversation with some girls in my ward and we were talking about
Some of us were talking about what we would have done...ok, so i was talking about what i would have done! And the question was asked would you ever get it done if it was for free or you got paid a million dollars? We all know my answer yes, yes, yes, i would get more done! Some girls said "NO"......really?
Am i that vain or insecure about myself????
Ever since, I've been doing some seriously thinking. I'm happy with my life, my husband is great and my kids are amazing. I am truly blessed to have the life i do. But i'm also blessed with not so cute thighs and bum. So i came up with the conclusion that i would still would get it done. I would never do it because someone thought i should, i would do it for me. I think having a little help is ok even if it comes from a plastic surgeon and a lot of pain.
So what i want to know is, would you get any kind of plastic surgery done even if you had to pay for it????


Just Rhonda said...

nopers. I never would. I think cause my mom was always so against it growing up it just never even seemed like an option.

Amy said...

Heck ya!

whitney said...

I plan on it. When I am done having kids I want a flat stomach back. It will never happen no matter how much weight I loose, There is just too much extra skin. And it's for me, so I really don't care what anyone else thinks. So go for it.

LindsayB said...

who knew boobs could be so small yet so saggy. i'd do it.

Drink Bazi said...

Some people confuse plastic surgery as being 100% vein. Some of it is, of course, you see women on tv who were hot and felt they needed to be perfect and so therefore, that is where "vein" steps in. With me, I had large children at birth which leaves me with big boobs and a bad back. My Dr. said, a breast reduction or lift would help the situation. So, I figure if I go in to get a breast job, why not have him zap my ugly spider veins. Why not??? People are too uptight about what "other" people will think of them. If you know in your heart it's right, than it's right!