Friday, February 29, 2008

I lube (love) it...

If you know our Peyton you know that he has had a little trouble with his speech. He has come along way and is doing really good. He has this little accent when he talks that makes some words sound super cute. He's really into telling me how much he loves things. This was a conversation i had with him the other day:

Mom: "Peyton lets go out side and ride your bike."

Peyton: "I lube it mom, I lube my new bike. Daddy fixed it."

M: "Yep, daddy did fix it."

P: "I lube Daddy, i lube Brody and i lube my new bike."

M: "do you love mommy?"

P: "Oh i lube mommy , and i lube my new bike! Thank you daddy thank you. Daddy fixed it."

Ok so i'm glad that he loves everything we give him and do for him, but what about mom??? I'm the one who took him to the store to pick out the bike, and i even talked him out of the pink and purple one with the hot pink baseball helmet! That's right. He was riding around the store with this pink and purple trike and found a ladies size baseball helmet near by and he puts it on backwards. He insisted that he ride this thing around until we're done. So when we were paying he gave back the pink bike and helmet to the cashier. I was so mad i didn't have my camera or my phone to take a pic. It was pretty funny. Anyways, Brett put it together for him and tightened his seat a couples days later and that's all he remembers. So every time he see's his bike he says "Daddy fixed it, thank you daddy." I lube you too Peyton.....


Anonymous said...

What a big boy with a bike! That is so cute that he says lube. Your boys really are so cute! I love your new hair color. It looks really good. Also, the cake you made for Peyton's bday is so cool. Such a Martha!

LindsayB said...

WHAT A CUITE!! And I'm so sad for Brody. I had no idea. I sure hope things get better for him, poor little guy.

The Edwards Family said... funny you steered him away from his feminine side. No purple bike and pink helmet! He probably 'lubed' it!! I had one who loved nail polish!