Thursday, February 28, 2008

Poor Little Guy...

This little one can't catch a break. Let me start from the beginning, it all started when he was about 2 months old. We caught RSV and was in the hospital for 2 days, he had to be on a breathing machine every couple of hours. When we took him home he was still having trouble breathing, so the doctor put him on inhalers. And to this day whenever he gets a slight cold, cough you name it, he has the worst time breathing. He sounds like a wheezy old man. So my sister (the Respiratory Therapist) has diagnosed Brody with asthma (i forget what the long term is, but he'll eventually grow out of it) she has him taking inhalers everyday even when he's not wheezy, and even more when he is. So i decided to listen to my sister and start giving him inhalers everyday (the doctor hasn't said to do this, but my sister knows best, she takes cares of babies all day long with the same thing) And even though i miss some days Brody is doing lots better with his breathing. Now the next item of business. Ear Infections. This Brody of ours has had 5-6 ear infections in the past 6 months. I took him about a week and a half ago for his 15 month check up, and the dr. is doing his thing and asks me how the ear infections are doing. I tell him he was doing great he hadn't had one since beginning of Jan. (I did take him in at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb. thinking he had one, but he was fine. Just teething) So he checks Brody's left ear and he says "He has a nasty ear infection right now..." What! He had been alittle fussier than normal but he wasn't pulling on his ears. I thought he was teething, well he is the bottom molars have popped threw. So this is the second time that i haven't caught it and the poor little guy has had to suffer until the Dr. found it. Dr. Mark said if he gets another one then they'll send him to a specialist to get the tubes in his ears. For all the colds, teething, asthma and ear infections Brody is a happy little man. If it was me...we all know i would be a BIG complainer. It breaks my heart that he has gone threw all this, it seems like he is always sick. I wonder sometimes if i could have prevented it...some how!
I hope he out grows all this, and I'm truly blessed that this is all i have to deal with right now. I know some people have it way worse, and I'm thankful that Heavenly Father has blessed me with Brody!