Friday, February 8, 2008

More Bjorn Covers...

I know i have been the biggest slacker but i have made and cut out some covers. So take a look!

"Olive rose Bud"

"Olive Rose Bud"


"kiwi pink"

"blue mod dot"

"Pink Rose Bud"

"Funky Floral"

"Olive Coriander"

"Olive Coriander"


Just Rhonda said...

oh man i LOVE that fabric! It's Amy Butler isn't it??

LindsayB said...

that is DARLING fabric. i have to tell you that i got that dress alli is wearing at old navy. she is sooooo in love with it. every day she asks to wear the heart dress. i'm pretty sure it will be ruined with stains before i know it, dang cute white dresses.

The Edwards Family said...

are these diaper covers ??I don't know what they are - nice know look on the blog gurl.

The Edwards Family said...

whoops nice NEW LOOK ~love your background