Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Belated Friday Favorite...

Birthday Parties!!!
I love birthdays, i love seeing the little kids faces when they see their friends, presents, cake and candles. Our little Peyton turned 3! He had a little pirate party, it was so much fun. The night before the party i had hung up some decorations and in the morning when he got up i heard him yell from the kitchen "thank you mommy thank you, it's my party." He was been waiting to have a party since Brody turned one in November. He was so happy to have his cousins and friends Cayce and Sienna over. I have never seen a little guy so excited to turn 3! We love you Peyton, your a great kid and an awesome brother.

The cake i made for Peyton...Daddy and the birthday boy

The girls
Go Peyton
Avery was a pro, i think she's done this before!!!
Go Cayce
Dakota helped the little ones out, Dustin was pitching the pinata to Dakota to break it open.

Peyton and Cayce
Peyton was so excited over every present!
The other Karrens
The Kirkhams
The family pic of the day

Brody was our little pirate of the day, he was a trooper to let me dress him up.

Brett was so tired after the party he took a quick nap and i continued to entertain the kids until bed.


LindsayB said...

i wanna come to peyton's party! you did such a good job on the cake. peyton really does look like the happiest kid to turn 3, and brody is priceless in the pirate costume. you are such a good mom. and brett spent on the couch, love it.

The Edwards Family said...

LOve the dye job- You look hot with dark hair!! Your family is adorable! That cake looked like some talent. Nice job

Natalie said...

Hey Melissa,

It's Nat (Aldridge/Hollingshead). Cute blog! I'm loving your new hair! Hopefully I can see it in person in April. I have two blogs you can check out if you want: a family one and a house/crafty one

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Peyton.
What a cute cake!