Thursday, November 1, 2007

The NERD and the ROOSTER hit the streets...

The Karren family LOVES Halloween!
This year we went to this awesome pumpkin patch that had rides, petting zoo, food and well you get my point. The Kirkhams came with us, and the kids had a ton of fun running around and roasting marshmallows.

the Karren family at Schnepfs farm pumpkin patch

Peyton loved the rides

The Nerd protested the glasses and would only agree to put them on for a couple of pictures.

Brody and Sienna

Our little Rooster!!!

More rides

Peyton looked so cute sitting there watching everyone roasting marshmallows, it was the only time he sat all night.

So here our Halloween pics start, we went to Uncle Dustin and Aunt Nicole's house to collect our candy. Peyton love, love, love, (i'm singing this) love, love, LOOOOVVESSS Avery. And she was so good to let him run around with her all night. They were so cute going to each house. And Brody and Brighton are 2 hilarious little kids (or birds) that always have so much fun together. So we hope you enjoy our pics...

A NERD with his DAD


ROOSTER "cock-a-doodle-do"

A rooster and a nerd make a great pair!

The other Karren kids. I loved their costume they looked so great!!!

Oh have i mentioned that both my kids ADORE Dakota? He is like the greatest big cousin that pays so much attention to them they just love it. Brody goes google eyed whenever Dakota walks into the room. I've never seen him crawl so fast!

Princess "ROSELLA"

This was the first and last house we hit. -Thanks for the extra candy Jody!

The greatest costume of the season, and she wore it so well. Miss. Brighton pulled this peacock costume off like it was her job. She looked so cute in it.
Nicole-you better keep this so i can use it!

These 2 are quite the pair.

My 2 favorite birds

They wouldn't leave each others side for the first 10mins. we got there.

They loved using the flashlights Grandma Karren gave the boys. It kept them occupied! Thanks Peyton for sharing your light with Brighton.


Kristy said...

Your boys are SOOO cute!, loved the rooster and nerd outfits. I do got to say though that my favourite outfit is that peacock outfit! SOOO cute.

whitney said...

Such cute kiddies and cute costumes!

LindsayB said...

CUTE STUFF! Did peyton pick to be a nerd? haha. Your niece really does look like princess rosella (i was recently introduced, lucky me!)

Susie said...

dang cute costumes & kids. LOve it! Say hi to Ellie for me so excited for her & Tom! must be fun living close to her.

LifeisGolden said...

I'm such a snoop, but I'm okay with it, because I found your blog! The boys looked so great for Halloween... I can't even tell you how much I love the "Nerd" costume... it's fabulous. So here's the deal... I'll keep posting pictures of my family... if you keep posting pictures of your cute family... deal?
- I don't think your comment section allows Non-google users... so, just so you know... it's Regan... and I don't actually have a blogspot, I do mine through mac... so if you're ever wanting more Williams pictures for some crazy reason... my site address is