Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Canada...

WARNING.. Picture over load.
And this is the scaled down version.

This past month the boys and i flew up to Canada to visit family. They love going and spending time with their cousins and hanging out with Grandma's and Grandpa's.

Peyton was able to go to school with his cousin Madi, they had a lady come teach then about Dinosaurs. He loved it.

And let me tell you a little about the weather while we were home...besides it snowing the first weekend we were there it RAINED and RAINED and RAINED. The kids loved sitting on my mom's deck to watch the rain storms.

I got to see my girls from high school and eat some yummy Japanese food with them.

Brody insisted on using my moms decorative mixing bowl for his cereal...???

Happy Birthday Auntie Carly.. oops.
Brody and Peyton found a giant chocolate bar that my mom bought Carly for her birthday! So needless to say we ran out to the store to get her another one.

We had a little get together for her and when i say little i mean there were more kiddos there then adults i think.

She asked for snickers cheesecake so i whipped this puppy up for her. We also enjoyed french toast and homemade buttermilk syrup for dinner.... mmmmm my kind of dinner!

And here are the guests. Sorry Carly that we didn't have very many people there.

On our way to Whitefish!!!
I love going to Montana in the summer, it's beautiful and relaxing and my kids love it too. Besides staying inside the cabin or mall on the rainy days we did get out a little. Here are some pics of what we did.
The boys on the way down.

Playing at the park after swimming

Cassie, Peyton and Brody

We went to the beach a couple times. The water was FREEZING but the kids didn't care.

Me and Lindsey (my other sis-inlaw) relaxing on the beach

mom and Lindsey

Miss. Cassie Grace

Caymbree Wynn would not stay out of the water, she loved it so much.


Anissah helping the kids build sand castles. It was so great to have her their so i could relax and watch them play.

Anissah built Caymbree this hole for her to sit so she wouldn't go in the lake

She loved it and enjoyed drinking the muddy water too.


Becky taking Caymbree away from her hole...mean mom.

And it rained....

Cassie and mom watching the boys play kids don't care if it's raining.

I found my 2 dudes sleeping together one cute.

Peyton got ahold of my camera and took this sweet pic of himself...silly boy.

The 3 kids watching a movie on the little dvd player so my sister and i could watch "Glee", i know we are losers.

Grandma with Cayms


Uncle Scott playing with the kids.

My dad came down for a dew days so we took him out for Fathers Day.

Finally the Rain stopped so we could go on the boat before going back to AZ

My dudes

Grandma with the Grand kids.

Me and my boys

Scott wearing a way too small wet suit under his board shorts.

Showing us his moves...


Jamie said...

Looks like way too much fun to come back. Hope you aren't too sad to be back in AZ!

Chelsea said...

wow!!!!! it reminds me of when we would go down to the cabin!!! i love your hair!

Lyndsay said...

OMG seeing these pics brings back memories of going to whitefish with you guys on vacation! Your boys are adorable and I can't believe how much Becky's little girl looks like her!! TOO CUTE! You look great Melissa! Congrats on expecting baby 3!