Thursday, November 27, 2008



Don't you hate when someone asks you what you want for Christmas and you can't think of anything? Well that is never a problem for me. Here are a few things that i love or want. Most of the things i ask for, is stuff that i hate to spend my own money on.

1. Shark cordless vacuum. This has been the best thing ever it cleans up quick messes and is use EVERYDAY at our house. This can be found at costco, linens and things, bed bath and beyond.

2. The Shark steamer. I WANT this one, i just tried out my friends Shari's and it is GREAT! It uses only water to clean your floor and it's easy to use. This also can be found at Costco, linens and things, and bed bah and beyond.

3. Sephora gift card. Don't you think make-up is way over priced? I do. I found the best line of skin car/make up at Sephora and even though it last a long time i hate when i have to replace one of the items.

4. The BOB jogging stroller. I got this last year for Christmas and we LOVE it.

5. Magazine subscriptions. This is a classic and a favorite.

6. 1000 thread count sheets!!!! This is a must. And they are even on sale at Target tomorrow for $ 59.99 for the set. This is an AWESOME deal.

7. Nordstrom gift card. I think every girl could use this any time of the year.

Ok i could keep going but i have a little boy hanging off my arm wanting to play a game. So i'm off to play with Peyton and will add more to the list later!