Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa Karren & Peyton (again)

G&G Karren came to visit along with the Tsui family.
So we were able to celebrate Grandpa Karren's birthday and Peytons again with more cousins. We went to Joes BBQ and let the kids run around outside and then headed back to our house to eat CAKE!!!!
It was fun to get to hang out with everyone, and a good excuse to eat way too much.

Blowing out the candles

It's so fun for our kids to play with most of there cousins at the same time,

If you have never been to Joes BBQ you need to go, it's super yummy!

Grandma and Brody

Can you see Brighton tackling Brody??

Their they go... the tackle was a success!
And Peyton thought it was a dog pile and jumped right on.

The Tsui crew

I love these 2 together. They get along so well and both LOVE the movie "CARS".


Susie said...

I'm trying to tell myself how much I love living in Canada. But it always looks so nice in Arizona. you guys having picnics, running around outside, wearing've got it good.