Monday, March 2, 2009

Tumble Weed Park

This is the best park ever. We love coming down here and playing for hours. There is no sand or rocks it's all mulch so i never hear about stuff getting inside my kids shoes. There is this cute bike path that looks like a road (with speed signs and all) so i usually bring Peyton's bike and some scooters. The kids never want to leave.

Peyton and Madi testing out the motorbike and side car.

Brody thought he was hiding!

Yes it even has a school bus

And a jet ski

This is for my sisters baby that is due in May. I can't wait for her to come.


Lauren said...

That park looks totally fun! Where is it at?

SewMuchAdo said...

I'm so glad you posted those pics, I've been wanting to go there forever but haven't other than for the ostrich festival last year, so we didn't even see the play area. Actually, I even sent Ada and Jer there tonight to meet up with his aunt and was hoping that they'd like it, sounds like they will!

Monika said...

Fun! Yes, I'd like to know where it is as well!!! Please share!
P.S. Did you ever get your hair cut?