Friday, March 27, 2009

25 random things about me...

I saw this on a couple peoples blogs and on facebook so here it goes...

1. I love candy, chocolate and anything sweet!!!

2. My favorite holiday is Christmas and Easter (because of all the yummy candy)

3. I love being a mom

4. I enjoy running and may do a 24 hr. relay in May with some girlfriends.

5. I dye my hair from a box, actually it takes 2 and it costs me $10 or less.

6. I really want to have a baby girl one day, like next time i get pregnant.

7. I love change, i get bored staying in one spot too long. And usually when this happens we move or i take a trip!

8. I didn't pick out my boys names, Brett chose both of them.

9. I love getting up early, like 6am early.

10. I would go to bed at 7pm every night if i didn't have kids. I know i'm the youngest Grandma ever.

11. I hate loud noise, yes i'm a true Grandma.

12. I love birthday parties.

13. I was married when i was 19, 2 days before i turned 20.

14. I wish i was brave enough to cut my hair in an a-line bob, like Victoria Beckham or Jenny McCarthy.

15. I want to go to Hawaii, i've never been.

16. I will NEVER buy a pet. I really don't like dogs or cats.

17. I still email and chat with my girlfriends from high school.

18. I will never move out of AZ willingly.

19. I wish we had more money or no school loan to pay off.....

20. I love to go out for lunch.

21. I love to bake. I'm always trying new recipes.

22. I hate to cook, dinner time is the hardest at my house.

23. I have been married for 7 years this April.

24. I have the best husband ever. He makes me laugh daily, even if he leaves his socks all over the house!

25. I am a very picky eater, although i feel like i'm branching out.


Brittany said...

love your background! I love to read these and thought it was funny that ou hate noise (me too) and the next one was birthday parties, the noisiest thing ever! you should do the bob you could totally pull it off. jd and I have threatened moving to az almost daily...stay right where you are