Friday, June 27, 2008

XP 2008

The company Brett works for (PDS) flew us out to San Diego to enjoy a weekend with fellow PDS'ers. It was a great time away from kids, life and everyday routine. We met some really AWESOME friends and ate LOTS of food and ditched out on the dance. Because really if your not drinking then you just make a fool out of yourself (sorry Mike i know you really wanted to stay and rip it up). Oh ya and the girls went to the mall while the guys enjoyed their dental lectures.
"The Manning's"

The,Chantel, and Kortney we all had the same idea for what to wear!

Brett, Greg and Mike

More of the girls

Brett wearing his suite in who knows how long.

The Karren's...thanks Ellie for letting me borrow your cute dress!

The Skidmore's

I wish we could go to the real beach everyday...but no California living for us!

Oh yes we at the pub TOP GUN was filmed at. We ate there at 11pm and i felt sooo gross the next day, i don't recommend it!


Just Rhonda said...

sounds like a coool trip!!

Chelsea said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time~ you look great by the way! what is your secret?

The Edwards Family said...
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The Edwards Family said...

We love SD. We play at mission beach- I think we are going to beat the heat and head there in a couple of weeks! You should come with us! It would be fun to get some families together and go. You looked like a 'hotty' in that black dress Way to go!Business trips are such great Perks!!