Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are we getting OLD?

So last night Brett and i got a babysitter so i could take Brett clothes shopping. My first mistake was taking Brett to the mall my second mistake was taking him into Abercrombie. The moment we walked in he wanted to turn around because they spray SO MUCH perfume, it almost gave us a headache. So we looked around a little and found some nice dress shirts he could wear out or to work...really just to look nice in. I also picked out some polos for him to try on. We get to the dressing room and he tries on the first polo and immediately takes it off and starts to resist trying anything else on. Brett says to me " who do they make these for? they are so tight in the arms." Well he proceeds to try on the dress shirts which looked super nice BUT the sleeves were so LONG. He starts getting frustrated so i help him roll them so they look cool. Well we start to wonder if they really look cool, why do they make them so long?

I ask one of the guys there how they roll the sleeves and he says" i don't know how it goes i just fold it up once." Thanks buddy that doesn't help me.

Well Brett did pick out a dress shirt and we're going to play with the sleeves a little to see what works. Brett actually tried calling his brother Jordan to see what was up with the shirts. But he didn't answer. Because you see Jordan works for Abercrombie and knows how to wear the clothes and he was the reason we were there last night, i got him to get me a gift card so i could buy Brett some cool clothes. Well it kinda back fired.

As we were walking out Brett says to me " I've got it, Abercrombie is my Asian store the clothes can only fit 8 year olds."

Well they did fit small. It was very entertaining shopping with Brett he pointed out that all the posters in the guy sections had half naked men on them (i guess he couldn't see they were modeling the clothes he should have bought or he must not like looking at half naked men???) and he couldn't tell the difference between the girl section and the boy section. So at that point he felt he had to get out of there. And off to that store with all the massage chairs and electronic stuff he went.

Needless to say i won't be going back to the mall with Brett anytime soon!


Jen said...

that is so funny! It is exactly what i go through when I shop with Eric. I can't even get him it that store. Usually I just buy him stuff and bring it home. I prefer to shop alone.

Hawks said...

Abercrombie..yea..i feel like I jumped into a bottle of perfume whenever i go into that place. Try Banana Republic..shirts fit much better. Try Quicksilver..they have good dress shirts that are trendy and nice..And to answer your question..your not getting old..abercrombie is just getting slutty! ha ha

The Edwards Family said...

that is hilarious! oh an we love the naked and provacative manicuns!and the HUGE PICTURES 'so mom what are those people doing' asked 6 yr old Amy. "oh nothing just having sex honey, lets go to the Disney store' replies mom. Its just great for kids to see all that- NOT!! Holister is just as bad. dang it
Maybe the skinny shirts are for Meth addicts, they have skinny arms! ewwwweew ! Poor Brett he is a catalog shopper. Don't torture him! Or just stay in Nordstrom. ;)

LindsayB said...

maybe we are getting kind of old because i can never go in abercrombie or hollister, the music is just too loud! and i'd rather shop at gap where i'm still a small instead of a xl at abercrombie. derek worked at hollister for a few months (not sure why) and he would totally wreak of perfume when he came home.

LindsayB said...

one more thing, are you coming up for the 1st? and running the 10k?

Chelsea and Evan said...

Hahaha! That makes me laugh so much! That is exactly what it is like shopping with Evan:)

Just Rhonda said...

heehee. So much trouble when I take Regan shopping too... most of the time I just buy it and bring it home and then return it if it doesn't fit.