Monday, June 16, 2008

#1 DAD...

OK so i guess there are 2 #1 dads, My dad and Brett!

Peyton was so excited to give Brett his Fathers Day gift, that he helped me wrap, that he offered it to Brett on Wednesday. But of course Brett declined and we put it up really high so Peyton couldn't reach it (even with a chair). When Brett woke up Sunday morning Peyton ran and gave him a hug and said "happy fathers day" and then ran to me and said the same thing with a BIG hug. It was so funny to see him get so into it. He does the same thing when it's a birthday or any other special event.

So being the BAD wife that i am i didn't take any pics yesterday because my camera battery dies and do i ever charge it... NO! So here are a few favs.

Brett with Peyton at 8 months old

Brett with Peyton

Brett and Brody (1 day old)

Dad reading to the kids

Dad with Peyton when he came out to visit us in Windsor

Peyton again

OK here's Brody


Chelsea said...

Melissa your boys are such litttle cuties! Your Dads also not doing too bad for an old fart! miss ya