Saturday, June 7, 2008


We took the kids to Sedona for a weekend, and had sooo much fun. We discovered that our kids are little hikers, Peyton hiked for the entire 2 hrs. and Brody was close behind. It was the best activity to tire these boys out!

Sedona is a beautiful place to see we loved just walking around and enjoying the outside. It felt a lot like we were back in Canada, and maybe that's why we enjoyed it so much.

Peyton fell asleep on the way to Sedona so Brody decided to torture him

Seriously isn't this kid so cute???

Playing in the water every chance they got!

Brody enjoying his free ride.

Our 2 little hikers.

Peyton carrying the essentials with him.....trains!

Family pic

My boys

Enjoying some pizza after a long day of playing....


Hawks said...

we went to sedona in April and totally went hiking and that same place you did with the was a cute place

Kristina said...

Sedona looks beautiful! I can definitely see why it reminds you of home - It reminds me of Red Rocks in Waterton.

Chelsea said...

So much fun! You guys all look so good! We totally need to come down and see you

Jen said...

Hey how are you? I check out your blog every now and then. Your boys are so cute, they are mini brett's. No I am not training for anything right now, a few friends and I put in for the 1/2 mar. in San Fran but didn't get drawn. Maybe next year after eric is done. i can't wait, but I am sure i will miss the student life. We have a lot of great friends here and it still feels like we are young being students (even though i have three kids) Say hi to brett! you look amazing, you are always so cute.

Chelsea and Evan said...

You have such a cute family! Look like your boys LOVED the hike!