Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our trip back to CANADA....

Me and the boys decided it was time to take a trip, so off to Canada we went. My dad was having back surgery so i thought i would go up to help him. Brett's mom said she could help watch my kids while i was with my dad so i took her up on the offer and dropped my kiddos off.
My dads surgery went well, the Doctor said it was worse then expected but my dad seems to be bouncing back pretty good. Way to go dad!!!!

Becky came up to Calgary to help too, here she is shampooing dads hair.

Getting some strength back! Work those muscles....

We also came to Canada to this cute little thing. I have to say Peyton took this picture and i love it.

It snowed the entire time we were there but started to melt the day before we left.

Peyton eating the baby snow mans nose.

Brody giving it a try

Hanging out at Uncle Kyle and Aunt Becky's house

The day we got there it snowed this much...but Chaz didn't mind.