Friday, May 30, 2008


like CRAZY!

We are super bored with out them and are trying to wait very patiently until AUG.15 when they arrive back to ARIZONA.

We hope they are having FUN in Richmond and are seeing lots of cool stuff.

Peyton asks for Cayce all the time and doesn't quite understand how far Virginia is.

The only good thing about Shari being across the Country from me is that i don't have a shopping buddy, therefore i'm SAVING alot of money!!!!

Shari and Cayce at the zoo

Playing at the spray park at the zoo

This isn't a very good picture but it's the only one i had of ALL of us!!!

I love these 2 kids, they are so funny together.

And these 2 have so much FUN together and can't see to get enough of each other.

We love you Cayce, Sienna and Shari!