Friday, October 24, 2008

The Usury...

We took the kids hiking to the Usury in Mesa and they loved it. These 2 little boys love to be outside and climbing things. Peyton was our little guide leading the pack, he is a true hiker. After our hike Peyton says "mom can we go to the real forest and go on a hike". He loved hiking in Montana this summer and talks about it all the time. My mom took him huckleberry picking so he thought we would be picking berries but he'll have to wait until summer.

I love these little guys!!!

When you hike with these 2 you've got to be ready to keep up!!!

We thought this would be a cool picture but i was the only one looking!

Brody catching a ride


Brett showing Peyton the mountain across from us that had the word "PHOENIX" on it.

At the Usury there are a ton of parks along the way, so we took a little break to have a snack and play.


The Edwards said...

Luke has that same little stripped hoodie I love Target