Thursday, October 9, 2008



Outside our house in the back yard. I was beginning to think that scorpions were rare in Arizona because in the 14 months we have been here we have NEVER found one. (except when we went scorpion hunting at the Lowrys house, but that was different because it was there house far away from us!)
It is creeping me out, i know we don't have them inside because we would have seen one by now and we have the best pest control company ever, thanks frontine pest control for doing an AWESOME job!
I'm just being SUPER careful and making my kids wear SHOES outside every time they head out. They were getting in the habit of playing in the dirt and water with no shoes BUT now shoes are on our feet no matter!!!
Call me paranoid but i hate these things. And when we buy a house i WILL not move into anything before black lighting it and if they have ever seen one it would probably be a deal breaker. GROSS!!!!

Anyways thanks to this little guy above i have a great idea for Brody's birthday next month!
Check out the upper right hand photo, do you see the orange scorpion? I think these bug cupcakes are so cute. So BUG party here we come!


Cindy Anderton said...

Ya scorpions are nothin to mess around with. I know from experience

JoAnn said...

Oh, I am so sorry. There is nothing like the fear that comes from sharing your house with these horrid creatures. Hopefully it will be the first and last!