Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas Part 2

In Whitefish!

We headed down to the cabin to celebrate New Years with my dad and all the kids (minus Brent and Lindsey). We had fun skiing, eating yummy food, playing games and bringing in the New Year by watching all 3 Toy Stories. I know we are crazy like that.
The boys and Cassie learned how to ski this year, they braved the freezing cold weather and took lessons one morning. They did so awesome. Maybe next year it will be warmer and they can ski more than once.

Your never too young to learn how to play games in our family.

Grandpa was supposed to be putting Kami to sleep not himself.

The boys played their DS games whenever they could.

Peyton and Cassie
My dudes ringing in the New Year with food

Brody and Cassie loved holding baby Kami

Going up to the ski hill to hit the slopes

Everyone hanging out

Like i said they loved their DS