Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in Canada Part 1

The morning after we arrived in Canada my kids wanted to go right outside and play in the snow, so off they went. I think they played outside almost everyday. I on the other hand decided to stay inside with Kami and Caymbree.
We had so much fun being with family during the holidays. The kids loved playing with their cousins and being around the aunts and uncles.
Christmas Eve day was spent at Grandma Sefcik's house making gingerbread houses, playing the 7/11 game and eating soup and sandwiches for lunch.
Christmas eve and day we were at Grandpa and Grandma Karren's house. We ate lots of yummy food and had a "Glee" version of the nativity- with Brett and i as Mary and Joseph. Next year it's Jodi and Scott's turn!!!! And we were entertained just watching Taylor, she is so fun.

Kami girl hanging out inside with mom and Grandma

And Caymbree.
She is so cute, i just want to squish her every time i see her.

Brody LOVED the snow

Every kid has to eat some

The 3 musketeers
Peyton, Brody and Cassie

Peyton and Grandma dancing

Auntie Carly with Cassie and Kami

Anissah's Gingerbread house

Lindsay and Anissah

Kimber, Scott, Carly and Rob- getting into gingerbread house making

Grandma helping Cassie

Me and Peyton

Bec and Cassie

Peyton's train looks awesome. Yes that is a train.

Brody had more fun eating his house

Grandma and Kami
-yes they match

Me and my girl

Brett and i at Karren's Christmas eve
-Yes it was cold outside and yes Brett still wore shorts, crazy!

Scott and Jodi brought their raqlette and we had yummy cheeses and meats cooked on it. mmmmm

The Nativity
Uncle Jordan as Samuel

Taylor as a star wars Jedi or the Sheppard i can't remember!

Madi was the angel

Peyton and Brody were the wise men and Jaden was the Sheppard.

Oh and Kami was baby Jesus- i think she did the best job out of everyone, she definitely was the best listener!!!

The kiddos in their Christmas jammies

Christmas morning
opening the stockings
yay the boys got a ds, the best invention ever!
Thank you Santa

Grandma snuggling Kami

Grandpa holding Kami

The family pic on Christmas morning

The kids on Christmas morning-i'm loving the strips!

Miss. Taylor- she was cute and played so well with the older kids.

The kids eating Christmas dinner

Madi and Shannon

Scot, Jodi and Taylor

Our last family pic of 2010!
Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as we did!!!


Chelsea said...

I love that your mum and your beautiful girl matched!!! Ty got a DS too:)

Cori said...

How fun Melissa! Your mom is just as cute and stylin' as you are. Love it.

Diane said...

Loved your pics, Melissa. We did have a great time.Thanks for being Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. A real baby makes it pretty awesome.Taylor did a real number with the straw from the manger-all over the carpet!

Elisha said...

What a great Christmas!! Looks like you guys had a blast in Canada...OK I am dying that Brett is in shorts!! You really weren't kidding about him hating jeans!!....and I love the "Glee" nativity....too funny!! You guys are just too cute!!

Just Rhonda said...

Looks like fun!!!!