Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kami is 4 Months Old

Miss. Kami is already 4 months old
She is:
rolling over, laughing (like that hard chuckle laugh), talking, drooling like crazy, spitting up alot and still sleeping through the night like a dream baby.
Weight 13 lbs. 10oz -50%
Height 24.25 inches-50%
Head 16 inches -30%

I love this little girl, she is always so HAPPY.
Brighton, Avery and Kami
I can't wait until these 2 can babysit.

Daddy-Daughter Bonding
When Brett is on baby duty i often find him and Kami playing Call of Duty.


Chelsea said...

oh my goodness!!! she looks so much like you!! great job missy:)