Saturday, February 26, 2011

Peyton is 6

Peyton is the happiest, friendliest 6 year old boy you will meet. He loves playing with his brother and his friends. He likes playing soccer, riding his bike, xbox, reading and going to school.
He asks me at least once a week if he can go to Canada, he loves visiting his Grandma's and Grandpa's.

The kiddo's on Peyton's Birthday
Peyton wanted a transformer party lucky for us it rained on his birthday so we had to do everything inside my house with 16 kids. YAY!
go Brody

pinata time

playing games

Opening Presents, he got so spoiled.
Thank you everyone for all the awesome gifts!
The Party Kids

Brody and i took Peyton lunch on his birthday, he was so excited!


marisajbaines said...

your boys are so handsome.. seriously... and i cant believe how big kami(did i spell it right) is getting!!! p.s im so jealous you live in AZ it looks so nice and warm!